OpenVPN in Proxmox container

Running OpenVPN instance in the LXC container under Proxmox is quite easy. The OpenVPN can be used to connect LAN networks, access the resources (even behind the NAT) or can be used for forwarding whole traffic via OpenVPN server. In this article you will find information how to set up the OpenVPN server on Debian… Read more OpenVPN in Proxmox container

Proxmox and HAProxy

On the dedicated server it is possible to run multiple virtual machines and assign one job/function per virtual machine. For example on the first machine is running the OpenVPN server, on the second machine the webserver with main web page, on the third machine another webserver with hosted files etc.  There are some tools for… Read more Proxmox and HAProxy

MiniPro TL866 under Linux

If you are working with the SPI slash chips, you need the proper programmer. There are some programmers which can be used for working with SPI, BIOS and other chips. In this article you will find the information how to run the MiniPro software with graphical interface known from Windows on Linux.


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